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The Missionvale Care Centre operates in the extremely poor informal shackland township of Missionvale in Port Elizabeth, South Africa - part of the wider Nelson Mandela Metropole. It was founded by Sister Ethel Normoyle, from humble beginnings, under a tree donated by a resident of Missionvale. It has grown into a centre which provides love and care for the poor and destitute, with particular emphasis on those living with HIV/AIDS. It remains true to her original vision and is still directed by her and a Board of Directors. 





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Missionvale Care Centre children sitting

 Missionvale Care Centre is an interdenominational, non-profit organization committed to providing quality care and support to improve the lives of the people of Missionvale through love, compassion, consultation, participation and self-development. We respond to the many needs of the people in the circumstances in which they live.



Missionvale Care Centre eduactional development

  • To provide essential health, social and spiritual care
  • To provide a solid academic education
  • To concentrate on the development of children, especially those orphaned and vulnerable
  • To promote a stable and harmonious home and community environment through developing a sense of pride and ownership in the people of Missionvale
  • To use all the resources of the Care Centre to treat, alleviate and most importantly, prevent the scourge of HIV/AIDS and related illnesses
  • To meet the people at the point of their need through skills development and adult education
  • To consolidate our achievements over the years by creating sustainability into the future


Lord of Loving Kindness

We pray that we, the Friends of Missionvale,
May enter into the lives of the poor in their pain, loneliness and despair.
To recognize that we have done nothing to deserve our prosperity,
As they have done nothing to deserve their deprivation.
To reach out a hand of solidarity, compassion and love,
Filled not with empty platitudes, but with food, medicine, learning and hope.
To learn from the sick and the vulnerable, the great lessons of humility and simplicity.
To learn from ourselves, the limits of our love and the boundaries of our selflessness.
To know and believe that a Care Centre, within our city and within our hearts,
Is only the beginning -
But a beginning where anything is possible.
Lord graciously hear us.