The Missionvale Care Centre is proud to have continuously added services since its inception in 1988.

Even in just the last year, there has been a particularly dramatic increase in the number of people served. Thanks to all our staff, donors and volunteers who make it happen.      

Current Care Centre Statistics     

33 Gardeners are making a sustainable living from the communal vegetable gardens (We are in the process of expanding this programme into the township and plan to have 50 additional gardens in place by June 2014!)
40 Patients are seen at our clinic during a 3 hour session
50 Adults attend Adult Basic Education Training classes every day. This number is growing as we receive new applications for registration every week.
198 HIV Infected and affected people attend our weekly support group meetings
204 Children attend our Primary School, Missionvale Care Centre Academy.
206 Patients receive home based care every month. In addition our Community Health Practitioners visit approximately 84 child headed households per month and our Health Promotion team counsel around 18 families per month.
400-1000 Heads of family receive bread and soup every day
604 Families receive a weekly food parcel
4320 People received clothing from our Clothing Warehouse
6127 Children received a Christmas present on our "Father Christmas" day in 2012!